Massage Services and Treatments


COUPLES MASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes | $180 and $260

A relaxing experience for you and a loved one, this massage will leave you both with complete sense of renewal.  This treatment is customizable to each person’s specific needs.

SWEDISH MASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes

Light pressure, smooth strokes and easy movements will revive within you a wonderful sense of well-being.  Ideal for getting your circulation going and keeping tired muscles humming, this massage helps reduce emotional and physical stress.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 50 or 80 minutes

Designed to help relieve chronic tension caused by the stresses of every day life.  This massage uses a variety of muscle release techniques that are adjusted to your level of comfort.

HOT STONE MASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes
Tension, muscle aches and stiffness melt away as your body sinks into total relaxation. Special massage techniques are joined with the heat and weight of warmed basalt stones—for added effectiveness.

THAI YOGA MASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes

This unique and effective combination of rhythmic massage, accupressure and yoga stretching creates a powerful release of stress and tension.


AROMATIC SCRUB | 50 minutes

An exfoliation using salt and aromatic oils is applied to the skin.  A generous application of moisturizing cream follows the scrub, leaving you with soft, silky skin as well as an elevated mood and a relaxed mind.


Start with a light brush exfoliation, followed with a luxurious application of body butter.  Just lie there and feel the warmth and serenity as you become wrapped in a cocoon.  A scalp and foot massage complete the experience. 


This relaxing treatment provides both your hands and feet with an exfoliation and a deeply hydrating wrap that will leave them feeling as soft as the day you were born.

Rates: $130 |  80 Min. Services

          $90    |  50 Min. Services

          $55    |  25 Min. Services


These services are perfect to add onto any of the Massage or Body Treatments.  They will leave you with an even more complete feeling of well-being.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will plan the perfect appointment for you!

20 minute Scalp, Face and Neck – $50
20 minute Foot Scrub – $50
Hydrating Body Balm – $10

Choose to use our special nutrient restoring balm for any massage that will leave your skin soft and supple.

Achy Muscle Soother – $15

An application of a detoxifying mask, heat and Arnica will leave your muscles feeling refreshed and ready to go.