About Us

Beth Cyphers LMBT #8054

In 2001, having spent the majority of her life in New Jersey, Beth decided to explore other parts of the country.  She started heading south and found a place that she didn’t even know existed.  Beth had found a home in Bryson City and immediately took a deep breath and embraced the slower pace of life.  Her new surroundings enabled her to become more attuned to nature and to develop a healthier lifestyle.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Western Carolina University in 2004, she took a number of jobs before deciding to study Massage Therapy in 2007.  After completing her education and becoming licensed, she began working in various spas both in Western North Carolina and Utah.  Beth looks forward to continuing her healing journey and learning from the principles of nature to personally achieve the peace and serenity that exists in these mountains.

When she is not doing massage, Beth enjoys running, hiking and mountain biking in the woods with her dogs (Callie and Spec), cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Tanis Deal LMBT # 5786

When Tanis was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she replied “A Massage Therapist.”  After completing her BA at the University of Manitoba in her native Winnipeg, the opportunity to live, work and study at the Heartwood Institute of Massage in Northern California arose.  In 1995, she began her journey into the world of massage and healing arts.  Travels to South America and Asia reinforced her decision to become a healer.

In 1999, Tanis hiked the Appalachian Trail and fell in love with Western North Carolina and its laid back, outdoor lifestyle.  In 2001, she became a certified Yoga instructor and completed her massage education in 2003.  Since then she has been fortunate enough to work in a number of wonderful spas, both locally and internationally.  She has continued to further her education in various forms of bodywork and is currently becoming a licensed esthetician and skin care specialist.

Her goal is to relax the world – one person at a time.